Which energy challenges facing Europe?

European Green Deal

Systema's responses to the challenge of ecological or energy transition

Once the “20-20-20 EUROPEAN PLAN” has been completed (which was conceived for the reduction of C02 by 20% as well as the reduction of Primary Energy requirements by 20% and the increase in the use of renewable energy by 20%), the U.E. is moving towards more ambitious goals for the coming decades with the intention of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

For more than 20 years Systema has embraced these issues which guide the energy transition and "green" design

Especially with the use of lithium bromide in its thermal-activated absorption systems, able to enhance in environmental and economic terms the waste heat deriving from industrial processes or the one obtained from renewable energy sources, transforming it into chilled water at temperatures even below 7°C.

Systema’s heat recovery units are the ideal complement in cogeneration plants where they produce cold water by recovering energy from the fumes (or from the cooling of the engine/turbine) otherwise expelled into the environment.

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In this way, both the reduction of CO2 and primary energy is obtained at the same time (but also the reduction of energy costs of the structure served by the cogenerator): As consequence, the most correct expression is "TRIGENERATION", a technology where Systema is an active player and partner of many operators.

Example of a TRIGENERATION application:

Campus Savona University Complex, "turnkey" trigeneration system

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Even more impressive, from an environmental point of view, is the SOLAR COOLING where the absorption chiller is powered by thermal energy conveyed as hot water/steam produced with the use of solar panels or concentrators.

Example of SOLAR COOLING application:

Politecnico di Bari, Assorbitore in PACKAGE alimentato ad acqua calda da collettori solari sotto vuoto

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Systema offers the maximum energy efficiency in the heat recovery from industrial processes where, recovering the energy to create cooling from industrial process chimneys (melting furnaces, heat treatments, ect…) it gets water at 7°C with almost zero costs, both from an environmental and an economic point of view.

Example of a heat recovery system: lithium bromide absorption chiller powered by hot water coming from cooling melt. Cooling capacity: 1500 kW

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The cold water is used for the cooling of the transport systems of incandescent metals and for the conditioning of the company's electrical stations.

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