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Lithium bromide absorption chiller at low temperatures 80/65°C, powered by hot water coming from a district heating system. Skid version.

Cooling power: 500 kW

The unit, in the "FREECOOLING" version, is conceived to provide cooling energy all the year; during the winter season, with low external temperatures, it works excluding the absorption unit, mainly using adiabatic dry coolers for cooling.

 data-verified=The Skid, supplied by Systema to the German customer Zero Emission Colling GmbH, was designed to perform this type of functionality thanks to a complex system of automations and adjustments. It perfectly integrates the FREE COOLING, allowing the use of the absorption unit only when the dry coolers are not efficient enough to satisfy the users' demand in terms of cooling capacity.

The technical skills of Systema actively contribute to create comfort for all the people, respecting the environment by adopting eco-sustainable solutions capable of transforming thermal energy into cooling power and using it only when it’s really necessary. This concept helps to reduce CO2 emissions and increase a responsible use of renewable energy.

The absorption unit is designed to be installed outdoor; it was assembled and tested in the factory to be placed in a specific and dedicated technical room.

The equipment was supplied complete with its own circulation pumps, cooling tower, three-way valve, water-softener, filters, control panel with PLC and inverter and remote management for a suitable integration to the whole system.

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