Eurosuole recovers energy with a trigeneration system

Con l'assorbitore di Systema l'energia termica prodotta in estate è trasformata in energia frigorifera riutilizzabile per i cicli produttivi

With the Systema absorber, thermal energy produced during the summer is transformed into cooling energy that can be reused for production cycles.
Environmental aspects can no longer be neglected in the development of energy production systems.

Their importance will increase more and more over the coming years, due to stricter legislation to protect the environment and greater industrial and public awareness of these issues.

To improve the use of energy resources in its factory, Eurosuole had a trigeneration system built, with two endothermic motors powered by methane gas for simultaneous production of thermal, cooling and electrical energy.

The thermal energy produced by this company is used for heating and cooling, thus creating a TRI-GENERATION cycle (simultaneous production of electrical, thermal and cooling energy).

A diagram of the system is shown below:

The energy is reused, allowing real energy savings.

The trigeneration system built in Eurosuole produces electrical, thermal and cooling energy, thus providing effective energy savings compared to separate production of electricity and heat, in accordance with the criteria and procedures laid down by the AUTHORITY for electrical energy and gas. Pollutant emissions are reduced in compliance with the Kyoto protocol, adopted by the Italian government and the European Commission with the implementation of the “Action Plan for Development and Energy Efficiency”, and the PEAR of the Marche Region, approved on 6/02/2005, which indicates distributed co-generation and renewable energy sources as the energy production solutions required to achieve a balance between regional electricity production and consumption.

Features of the trigeneration system

The system consists of:
- co-generator units supplied by the natural gas network, with an overall thermal power input with the fuel of 3.088 kWt (1.544 kWt + 1.544 kWt);
- nominal electrical and thermal power.

The thermal recovery module enables the recovery of heat from the motor cooling circuit and from the exhaust fumes.
This thermal recovery consists essentially of:
1. plate exchangers for the recovery of heat from the cooling circuits, from the oil and from the first intercooler stage;
2. a direct exchanger (monoblock motor cooling jackets) for recovery of heat from the motor cooling jackets;
3. a flue gas pipe heat exchanger (recovery unit) for the recovery of heat from the motor exhaust gases.
With the commissioning of the new trigeneration plant (consisting of two units for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy, with a natural gas co-generation motor) a maximum output can be supplied of:
- 1,202 kWe of electrical power at the alternator terminals;
- 1,466 kWt of thermal power (230 kWt of which are required for cooling).
The following diagram (fig.4) outlines the trigeneration system in use at Eurosuole since September 2009:

The trigeneration plant recovers thermal energy in order to heat:

a) hot water for the absorption system to produce cooling energy (95°C);
b) hot water for the industrial systems (77°C);
c) HT circuit diathermic oil (220°) for the rubber moulding division;
d) LT circuit diathermic oil (85°C) for heating the PU formulation system.

The residual heat produced by the co-generation system is combined with a SYBDH20 single effect lithium bromide absorber with a cooling power of 200 kW, allowing production of cooling energy of around 6%.

The cooling energy produced is used for cooling in the production cycle.

With regard to carbon dioxide (CO2) production, the trigeneration system adopted provides a reduction of around 48% (1,691 tCO2/a, tons of CO2 per annum) and a reduction in the consumption of energy (natural gas) of around 765 TOE (tons of crude oil equivalent) compared to the production of (thermal, electrical or cooling) energy with separate carriers (boilers, generators, cooling units).
The new system also reduces the use of electricity from the national grid by over 6,200,000 KWh per year, in full compliance with the regulations on atmospheric emissions.

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