Systema installs a new absorption ENERGY STATION at the 'Fabio Perinei' Murgia Hospital in Bari

ENERGY STATION in trigeneration

Bari Italy

Systema is pleased to announce the installation of a new absorption ENERGY STATION at the Murgia 'Fabio Perinei' Hospital in Bari. The ENERGY STATION is powered by hot water at 90°C from cogeneration, and is an example of excellence in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Our absorption ENERGY STATIONS:

  • Plug & play: they allow easy connection of the absorption refrigeration-thermal unit to the system to be served.
  • Sustainable: they use a natural refrigerant fluid, with no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Efficient: they guarantee considerable energy savings compared to traditional air-conditioning systems.
  • Reliable: thanks to the absence of compressors, they offer long life and reduced maintenance.


  • 480kW refrigeration lithium bromide absorption unit.
  • Complete with evaporative tower, wiring and piping.
  • Built in full compliance with the assigned specifications and timelines.
  • Supported by our team of experts.


An exemplary trigeneration project:

The installation of our ENERGY STATION at the Ospedale Della Murgia 'Fabio Perinei' represents an important step towards a more sustainable future. Trigeneration, which enables the simultaneous production of electrical, thermal and cooling energy, is a highly efficient system that helps to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

We are proud to have contributed to this project and to have made our experience and state-of-the-art technology available to the customer.

Our team: Alessandro Chiggiato, Laura Di Fede, Enrico Bettin, Giulio Marconato

Thanks to their commitment and professionalism, we have realised a successful project that fully satisfies the Client's needs.

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