Systema early delivery of a New Absorption ENERGY STATION in Bari

ENERGY STATION in trigeneration


Systema delivers in advance a new absorption ENERGY STATION in Bari. The ENERGY STATION is powered by hot water at 95°C from cogeneration, and is an example of excellence in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Our absorption ENERGY STATIONS:

  • Plug & play: they allow easy connection of the absorption refrigeration-thermal unit to the system to be served.
  • Sustainable: they use a natural refrigerant fluid, with no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Efficient: they guarantee considerable energy savings compared to traditional air-conditioning systems.
  • Reliable: thanks to the absence of compressors, they offer long life and reduced maintenance.


  • 800kW refrigeration lithium bromide absorption unit.
  • Complete with wiring and piping.
  • Accomplished in advance of assigned specifications and timelines..
  • Supported by our team of experts.


An exemplary trigeneration project:

See photos of the delivery and placement phase of this 800kW refrigerated lithium bromide Absorption unit powered by hot water in trigeneration.

Systema once again demonstrates its reliability by delivering the absorber early, working closely with the customer's needs, thanks to its team composed of: Alessandro ChiggiatoLaura Di FedeEnrico BettinGiulio Marconato, which ensures a solid supply chain, engineering management execution and a high standard of service quality.

We are proud to have contributed to this project and to have made our experience and state-of-the-art technology available to the customer. 

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