Efficient and sustainable industrial heating: the OHA URHE-R case in Pavia (Italy)

6 new OHA URHE-R Radiant Belts with italian tax bonus -65%

Pavia (Italy)

Systema OHA URHE-R: the ideal solution for companies looking for an efficient, sustainable and high-performance heating system.

We are pleased to present the success case of an important manufacturing company in Pavia, specialising in the production of professional indoor cleaning machines, which has chosen OHA URHE-RSystema's modulating condensing radiant strips, for heating its factory.



  • High efficiency: URHE-R radiant strips offer useful efficiencies HIGHER THAN 93+2LOG PN, guaranteeing environmentally friendly and low energy consumption heating.
  • Low emissions: the emission efficiency of the radiant circuit reaches 2.9 kW/m, helping to reduce the company's environmental impact.
  • High performance combustion units: OHA URHE-R combustion units offer efficiencies of up to 100.1% and seasonal energy efficiency of 92.8%, maximising energy savings.

In detail, the installed system comprises: 1 URHE-R 300kW belt, 1 URHE-R 250kW belt, 2 URHE-R 210kW belts and 2 URHE-R 160kW belts, all fuelled by natural gas, for a total maximum output of 1,290 kW. This customised configuration ensures uniform and comfortable heating in every area of the factory.

The advantages of OHA URHE-R:

  • Energy saving: Systema's URHE-R radiant strips reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional gas heating systems.
  • Reduced emissions: thanks to its high efficiency and low CO2  emissions, OHA URHE-R helps to reduce the company's environmental impact.
  • High comfort: the radiant heating system ensures even heat distribution, providing a comfortable environment for workers in all seasons.
  • Low maintenance: OHA URHE-R's condensing technology requires minimal maintenance, reducing the system's running costs.

Choose OHA URHE-R for efficient, sustainable and high-performance industrial heating.

Contact us for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you reduce your company's energy consumption and emissions.

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