Systema S.p.A. presents its range of KING gas-fired radiators, with forced and balanced flow, which represent a valid and convenient alternative to the conventional heating in use to date.

Combustion takes place in a hermetically sealed heat exchanger; the air necessary for combustion itself is not taken from the environment but is drawn from outside the home with special piping, and the residual fumes are also conveyed outside by means of piping coaxial to the previous one.

It is produced in 4 versions, satisfying any request for capacity, installation and sizing. In the forced models, the pipes can be up to 5 metres long, with coaxial discharge and right and left side discharge.

In ventilated models you can choose between 2 speeds or off with convective exchange. In forced models the humidifier tray is standard.

KING cast iron from 2 to 4.9 kW

The King from 2 kW to 4.9 kW is made of cast iron, the most suitable, valuable and reliable material with which the heat exchanger for these convectors can be made today, because it is silent in operation and offers high combustion efficiency.

Elegant and refined, it is distinguished by a pleasant and functional rounded aesthetic line, which easily harmonises with any type of environment, from modern to rustic. Its special and exclusive system of upper front slits allows for high comfort, improved thermal output with convection and radiant heating, guaranteeing effective heat distribution in every point of the room without causing air stratification. In compliance with UNI-CIG 7129 type C and type B appliances.

KING stainless steel 7.2 kW

The King inox comes in 1 model with 7.2 kW and is made of stainless steel. It is versatile in application and the weight is low.

With the King radiator you can choose to heat each individual room, easily programming the desired hourly and daily temperatures.

The controls are simple and grouped in a single, easy-to-access panel located in a concealed compartment.

The King radiator is supplied with an exhaust and air intake pipe kit, fixing screws, assembly template, instruction booklet and warranty certificate.

In compliance with UNI-CIG 7129 type C appliances.


  • HIGH COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY, KING offers high combustion efficiency and low atmospheric emissions Low NOx, it is optimised for emissivity for higher combustion efficiency of up to 92.2 %.
  • LOW RUNNING COSTS, it allows greater energy savings in the order of 30-40% compared to conventional systems because it brings the room to the desired temperature in a very short time.
  • RAPID INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING, it only needs a gas/electricity connection and a flue gas outlet, and the installation is practical: 1 you mount it - 2 you connect it - 3 you switch it on, and in about 15 minutes its heat is already perceptible.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY IN OPERATION, it is completely sealed off from the room to be heated and the flame is controlled by a thermocouple or an electronic control unit, depending on the model, which interrupts the gas flow in the event of flame failure. In compliance with UNI-CIG 7129 type C and type B appliances.
  • NOISELESS OPERATION, King 21, being without direct ventilation, is particularly silent in operation, while the other forced-ventilation models have a silent centrifugal ventilation system, which allows thermal comfort without causing any acoustic discomfort.


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