Systema S.p.A presents its range of KING gas fired radiators, with forced and balanced flow, which represents an affordable alternative to conventional heating in use until now.

The combustion takes place in a airtight heat exchanger; the air needed for the combustion is taken from outside, by a specific pipe, and products of combustion are evacuated through a coaxial pipe.

It is realized in 3 versions, satisfying all potency, installation and dimensioning requests. On the forced models the pipes can be 5 meter long, with coaxial discharge and with right or left lateral discharge. The ventilated version can have 2 speeds or turned off with convective exchange. The forced models are complete with tank.

  • 3 cast iron models and 1 stainless steel
  • Power range: KING with cast iron exchanger from 2 to 4,9 kW, KING with stainless steel exchanger from 7,2 kW
  • 10 years guarantee on combustion chamber and burner
  • Heating of domestic areas such as offices and shops

The King from 2 kW to 4,9 kW are made by cast iron, the most suitable, valuable and reliable material for the realization of the exchanger of these thermo-convectors as it is noiseless and gives a guarantee of duration (more then 10 years) and a high combustion efficiency.

It is stylish, refined and distinguishable thanks to its pleasant and functional rounded esthetic line, suitable for any type of environment, from modern to rustic. Thanks to its particular and unique upper front slots it guarantees a great comfort in a short time, a better thermal efficiency with heating by convection and radiation, ensuring effective heat distribution without causing the air stratification.

The stainless steel King is realized in 1 model from 7,2 kW. It is flexible in its applications and the weight is low. With king radiator you can choose to heat every single environment, programming the hourly and daily temperatures, according to the real needs. The controls are simple and collected in a single panel, easy to be managed.


  • Exchanger made of cast iron with finned external surface inspectionable
  • Stainless steel atmospheric burner (natural gas or LPG):
    • Thermostatically controlled gas valve with piezoelectric ignition (KING 21)
    • Gas solenoid valve with electronic ignition and ionization flame control (for FE models)
  • Tangential fan (for FE models) with 2 speeds and possibility of power off and ignition through thermostat
  • Casing painted with epoxy powders, with fins and slots placed in the upper side and front drilling. Easy to clean.
  • Fumes exhaust/Air intake terminal windproof


  • Exchanger made of stainless steel with very high yields
  • Electronic ignition, Room thermostat placed inside the unit, ionization flame control, CE certified, fan ignition through thermostat, Safety thermostat
  • Sucked burner with torch, conceived and patented by Systema S.p.A.
  • Humidification tank
  • Centrifugal fan with 2 speeds
  • Fumes exhaust centrifugal fan with silent operation
  • Casing painted with epoxy powders

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