The FRESCO OK evaporative air conditioner unit is a product based on a simple concept and designed to cool medium-sized and large work environments at a low investment cost and with reduced consumption.

It ambient air temperature and renews and filters the air in large quantities.
It is suitable for use in a wide range of fields, including industry, the service and commercial sectors and breeding facilities.
The evaporative system works on a natural principle of adiabatic air saturation.

With FRESCO OK, our industrial air cooler, we have harnessed the exchange of thermal energy from evaporation between water and air.
The external air is sucked in by a fan through special honeycombed cellulose panels soaked in water, where it loses part of its heat during the water evaporation process. The cooler air is then conveyed through ducting into the environment.


  • Low purchase cost.
  • Improves workers’ comfort and company productivity.
  • Maintains and stabilises ambient temperature, helping to preserve goods that deteriorate due to heat.
  • Changes the air 25 times per hour, improving environmental hygiene and removing odours, dust, fumes and heat generated by machinery and production processes.
  • Can be used for ventilation only during cooler periods.
  • Low operating noise.
  • Can be managed by zones in different areas of the environment.
  • Reduced running costs.
  • Zero-emission and eco-friendly, using water instead of refrigerant gases for the cooling cycle.
  • Also functions as an ambient air extractor (APV models with inverter only).
  • Cools and filters ambient air.


ABS external load-bearing structure, ideal against oxidisation from weather exposure and lightweight for greater installation safety and reduced loads on building roofs.
The models are fitted with:

  • Low consumption electrical fans with variable air flowrate.
  • Large range of control panels
  • Brackets and positioning devices.
  • Automatic self-washing process of the whole hydraulic system and of the cooling pads
  • Automatic water draining
  • Cooling pads with high saturation efficiency
  • Water distribution manifolds with electrical pump
  • Hydraulic circuit with solenoid valve and level sensor

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