ANEMOS hot air generator is the result of Systema SpA’s long experience in the design and production of industrial hot air heating products.

ANEMOS has been designed down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of the most modern plant engineering and the demand from the various world markets in which Systema SpA is present. It has a base, made of thick steel profiles, of a continuous type so as to give the maximum guarantee of solidity both during transport and positioning, to which thick galvanised sheet metal profiles are attached to form the frame of the unit, which is closed at the top This makes ANEMOS sturdy and compact, even more so thanks to the closing panels made of sandwich panels, 20 mm thick, with the outer part pre-painted, which make the unit particularly silent and also provide excellent insulation limiting any heat dispersion.

ANEMOS has a very versatile fan section capable of adopting very high prevalence fans to be coupled to the most diverse types of motorisation through ad hoc transmissions; the combustion chamber, with flame inversion, varies according to the model, in the standard version it is made of AISl430 while in the high-efficiency and condensing version it is made of AISI 441, to give the maximum guarantee of durability, performance efficiency that can reach 109% and flexibility in burner couplings whether they are single-stage, two-stage, modulating or pre-mixed.

ANEMOS is offered with a power range from 14 to 1,400 kW and air capacities from 800 to 80,000 m³/h, in the vertical and horizontal versions, for indoor or outdoor installation, the latter with the application of the special section to protect the blown-air burner from the elements, which can be supplied as an option in both the gas and oil versions, complete with electrical panel, 3 thermostat kit and pre-drilled burner plate.

In addition to the basic configuration, ready for quick installation, ANEMOS has a complete offer of accessories that can make the machine similar to an air handling unit that can be connected to distribution ducts and with useful static pressures that can satisfy even the most demanding installations.

ANEMOS is available in a standard version, a high-efficiency version, and a condensing version, all of which fall within the terms of efficiency required for EcoDesign and ERP and therefore able to meet the characteristics required for the available contribution packages.

In addition to the traditional versions for ambient heating, ANEMOS is available in special versions for applications in the sports field for pressostatic structures or tensile structures, in production, animal husbandry and agriculture. or in environments with particuarly aggressive atmospheres.


  • Product quality and reliability thanks to technical design choices
  • Wide range available in power from 14 to 1400 kW, efficiency and version availability
  • Standard efficiency and condensation, efficiencies up to 109%.
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance, all critical parts are easily accessible
  • Flexibility of installation thanks to the variety of fan sections on offer, up to 300 Pa useful static pressure, and different configuration possibilities
  • Wide choice of accessories for filtration, air distribution
  • Availability of special versions for sporting, zootechnical, agricultural applications

PLEASE NOTE: when ordering, we advise you to indicate the burner that will be used (brand and model) so that we can supply the right burner plate; if this information is lacking, a standard burner plate will be supplied.


  • 3-flue heat exchanger in the GH-ME4 version inclined to facilitate the exit of condensation produced by condensing operation
  • Heat exchanger with 5 smoke passes in the GCON version, inclined to facilitate the exit of condensation produced by condensing operation
  • Combustion chamber in AISI 430 for the GH-ME1 model and in AISI 441 for the GH-ME4 model and for the GCON model with flame inversion optimised in size to guarantee the greatest possible heat exchange surface area
  • Flue gas exchanger in AISI 304L for the GH-ME1 model and in AISI 441 for the GH-ME4 model and for the GCON model, equipped with turbulator imprints to increase the thermal coefficient (patented detail studied with the University of Padua Research Centre)
  • Heat exchange is optimised by the presence of deflectors on the exchanger that optimally direct the air flows that pass through it, which are given a counter-current motion with respect to the fumes inside the exchanger
  • The burner mounting plate is pre-drilled at the factory according to the type of burner used
  • The fan section is composed of the fan, single or double depending on the machine model, which is connected to the motor through a belt and pulley transmission; the wide choice of components allows for machines capable of providing useful heads of 300 Pa

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